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This is the Hindu belief that after the death, soul of human being still remain in this materialistic world. Just because of the loss of body (due to death) someone can not detach himself / herself from this world.

The pull of Love, kindness, affection for his / her family, friends, relatives etc. and the affinity for the materialistic world prevent him to go for the extreme and ultimate departure. As a result, being a bodiless state that man (without body) gets pain. He wants to do many things but can not. They can not or even do not want to make themselves free from this materialistic world. 'PIND Dan' according to Hindu Belief Gives them an ultimate relief and paves the way for their departure to the ultimate world of Peace.

Auspicious Day for Gaya Sraddha or Pind Dan at Gaya

Pind Dan can be done all the year but it is better to perform Gaya sradha or Gaya PindDan during auspicious 18days pitri paksh mela or 7days, 5days, 3days or 1day amawasya with krishana paksh in any month. The auspicious 18 days Tri paksha sraddha or Pitrapaksha mela,that is considered best days for offering oblations to the departed forefathers or any departed Family members,And this Auspicious 18days comes in every year in the month of September or October.And, An estimated 10 laces to 15 laces pilgrims arrive in the Gaya city during the Pitrapaksh Mela for GayaJi sraddha or Pind Dan Earlier pind Dan was performed around the year. There were 360 platforms where pind Dan was done with wheat and oat flour mixed with dried milk. Pind Dan is also performed symbolically with mud balls.

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